It’s hard to believe we are well into February 2022 already, and it’s exciting to see squash activities at the Club returning to ‘normal’.

I’d like to update you on a few items that has been happening at the Club so far in 2022. This will, in future, be a (much shorter) monthly update and will be sent to all members via email and posted on our website.


League Season is upon us and the categories of league teams have been submitted to WPS. The Round Robin is in full swing (pun intended) and soon the individual teams will be selected. The respective captains, Trevor, Paul and Karen, will keep you in the loop.


We are pleased to announce that entry for the 2022 WSF World Masters Championships, being held in Wroclaw, Poland is now open and all entries will be taken online via the WSF SPIN account.

This event is scheduled to take place between the 21st – 27th August 2022 and full details can be found by using the following website link: Click here to enter WSF Masters Poland

The closing date for entries is the 10th July 2022.


Almost all our advertisers renewed their advertising, thank you! We welcome one new court advertiser to the list of our highly valued court advertisers.

We thank the following sponsors for their continued support.

Court 1 – Sabre Paints and GVS Law

Court 2 – We welcome Bosch Car Service and hope our members will support them at their workshop at Cobble Walk Shopping Mall.

Court 3 – A&S Carlsen and Mi-Solar

Court 4 – Synsport and Hygiene and Bugs R Us

Court 5 – Teclogix

We have added a plaque next to the bell outside the bar in recognition of the donation of the bell to the Club. We thank Chris Koekemoer and AMC Classic for the donation. The history of the bell is significant as it was the bell used on the last whaling ship in South Africa and marks the end of whaling in South African waters. This is a fantastic piece of history which we are so fortunate to have on display… AND in regular use.

AMC Classic Bell Sponsorship photograph
Charmaine van Niekerk (Chairperson), Chris Koekemoer (AMC Cookware) and Shaun Venter (Club Manager)

Chris Koekemoer and his company, AMC Classic, are also one of the sponsors of our fantastic new court clocks. Once again, we extend our sincere gratitude to Chris Koekemoer and all at AMC Classic.

Teclogix is another sponsor of our clocks as well as the DBV Squash Club Committee of 2021. Thank you sincerely to all. 

We still have two courts available for additional clock sponsors. Sponsorship will be recognised for the lifetime of the clock by means of a plaque to be placed on the wall of the sponsored court.

We are in the process of offering advertising on our new squash court doors. We welcome advertisers seeking to make a once-off donation of R2500 for a logo placement on the door. The logo will be in place for the lifetime of the door. An email will be sent to all members with further details about the door logo advertising.


The marketing team have become a team! Liam Louw is heading up social media. Those members who are active on our social media pages will have noticed some different activity on Facebook and Instagram recently. We are hoping to make our social media presence more relevant by sharing news about OUR club. Your contributions are always welcome and you are invited to email the marketing team at with suggestions and contributions.

You’ll also have noticed some fresh graphic design coming through in various campaigns at the Club. This is thanks to another new face in the marketing team. André Smit has been hired as the Club’s freelance graphic designer. You’ll notice André at our various events behind his camera capturing your best look!


The Club website has been updated with details of all our social squash groups. 

You can find the list of groups here.

Please join one or more of these groups for lots of fun!

In summary of our social groups, we have Legends taking place on the first Saturday of each month, Sunday Funday takes place on each Sunday, Avalon Ladies play on a Monday evening and our latest social group, New Members Saturdays, are due to start in February. New Member Saturdays will get together on the last Saturday of each month.


  • You will notice that all court walls were washed, repaired and painted.
  • We’ve installed new glass doors on courts 2,3 and 5, so now all our courts have glass doors for ‘normal’ sized people.
  • All court floors were repaired and deep cleaned and the feedback from players has been great in terms of the improved playing surfaces.
  • Structural repairs are being made to the outside of the building to ensure longevity of the new paint job.
  • We’ve embarked on a waterproofing project to ensure that the flow of water is away from the building, together with a new gutter system.
  • New waterproof sheeting has been installed at the entrance of the Club.
  • The outside of the building is being repainted – THANK YOU, SABRE!

We wish you a fun, competitive and successful league season, and remember:


Charmaine van Niekerk
Durbanville Squash Club