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Durbanville Squash Club prides itself on providing exceptional squash facilities and opportunities for all levels of players. Our members have access to competitive WP League teams and engaging social squash activities that promote both physical fitness and social connections. Join us today and experience the best that the squash community has to offer!


We provide exceptional competitive squash, and with 300+ members, you will never run out of opponents to challenge. Our club hosts a variety  of tournaments and social groups galore, so there is something for everyone. Come join our squad and get ready to crush it on the court!


We are proud to be actively engaged in the Western Province Squash league. This league offers players of all levels a chance to compete against fierce competition in a yearly tournament.


After an exhilarating game of squash, visitors can indulge in a range of social activities available within the club. We offer a state-of-the-art bar equipped with an extensive selection of beverages, including beers, wines, liquors, soft drinks, and snacks. In addition to the bar, there is a pool table, a high-end kitchen, and multiple braai facilities for guests to enjoy.

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