about durbanville squash club 

Durbanville Squash Club facilities


  • The club complies to International Lighting Standards
  • The club has five courts: The main court includes a glass back and seating for at least 120 spectators. A further 30 standing spectators can be accomodated behind a glass window, as well as an additional 15 spectators on the side of the court on a balcony. In total, court 1 can offer a 165 spectator event.
  • The club has facilities to take live play with TV camera to project direct on two smaller TV’s and big screen, which then gives a further +- 60 spectators view of play. A PA system is available.
  • All other courts have sufficient spectator space from the balcony.
  • The club has recently undergone a complete “facelift” with the outside and inside having been repainted, all court floors sanded & repainted. The clubhouse has also been refitted with new carpets.
  • The club has a large bar and entertainment area. (Approximately 100 people can be seated at tables for functions.)
  • The club offers a fully fitted kitchen with stove, microwave and fridges with serving hatches.
  • The club has a sauna.
  • The club has an on site Pro-Shop with restringing equipment.

    Tournaments and leagues

    As one of the two biggest clubs in WP, DBV participates in ladies, men’s and Masters leagues.

    Durbanville Squash Club has previously also staged the following tournaments:

    • Internationals between SA vs Wales and SA vs Netherlands
    • Fourth World Deaf Squash Championships (2007)
    • Several Western Province Open Tournaments


    Social groups

    Legends Social Tournament

    Event date?: On the first Saturday of each month

    What is the starting time?: 10:15

    What is the ending time?: Typically around 17:00

    How much does it cost?: All lights are sponsored by the Club

    Who is eligible to join?: Members of any squash club

    What is the process to join?: Participants are enrolled via the WhatsApp group. Please contact the club for more information.

    What is the format of the event?:

    • 20 – 30 people participate and play in a Legends Tournament.
    • The tournament is set up as a Swiss Pair format.
    • Opponents are randomly matched at the start of the tournament.
    • Games last 8 minutes, and the the player with the highest score wins each game.
    • Scores are captured to determine the overall winner at the end of the day.

    Available facilities?:

    • The Club bar is open.
    • After the tournament, there is generally a fire going. See it as a “bring and braai” and enjoy!


    Sunday Funday

    Event date?: Every Sunday

    What is the starting time?: 16:15

    What is the ending time?: Typically at 17:45

    How much does it cost?: 15 court sessions are sponsored by the club per month.

    Who is eligible to join?: All members of Durbanville Squash Club.

    What is the process to join?: Members can arrive at the court on any Sunday. You may need to book a court to join in. Please contact the club for more information.

    What is the format of the event?: Players decide as they arrive. Usually singles with Kings.

    Available facilities?: None

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