membership fees

The following fees provide an estimate of the annual membership fees and benefits. Membership fees are prorated and must be renewed each year on January 1st.


All new memberships will be charged a once-time admin fee of R600. This includes R180 allocated towards lights, a DBV Club shirt, and biometric access to the club.  

  • The price of family membership is based on 2 adults and 2 juniors. Additional adults will be charged R1420, and additional juniors will be charged R760.
  • Juniors and seniors are allowed to book court sessions only during off-peak times, unless they are participating in the WP League.
  • All membership categories are limited to booking a single session during peak times (16:15 – 20:00) and a maximum of 2 sessions per day (peak or off-peak).

Membership is subject to the acceptance of the Club Rules and Regulations:


Join Durbanville Squash Club

Durbanville Squash Club offers world class squash facilities as well as access to competitive WP League teams and fun social squash activities