This article contains information which will assist members with various court booking processes and updating personal details via Go Book. 

Paying for Court Lights and other Club Payments

In order to book courts, the member is required to have a positive lights account balance. Please follow this guide about making payments to Durbanville Squash Club. 

Booking and Confirming Courts

Login to Go Book

–> Click the Booking menu button

–> Select a court slot

Booking slots screen
The court booking slots page on Go Book

Notes: When selecting a court slot you can use the date button (next day / previous day) to navigate 10 days forward. (Juniors and Seniors can navigate 7 days forward.)

If you are unable to to find a booking, use the envelopes on the court slots to be alerted (via email) when that slot becomes available.

court bookings screen
Navigate forward 7-10 days depending on membership type and use the envelopes for slot cancellation alerts. Blue envelopes will turn red when you have an alert in place.

After your court booking is made, you will receive an SMS or email confirming the booking has been received and if it is confirmed by the system. 

There are various reasons the booking may not be confirmed by Court Manager / Go Book:

1.Booking quota reached

Example: Booking at Durbanville Squash Club (Court #1) for 2022/04/08 at 17:45 not accepted. Daily booking quota has been reached.

This will happen if you try to book too many slots. For example, you can only book a single slot during peak time, per day. (Peak time is from 16:15 to 20:00 Monday to Thursday)

2. You have insufficient funds

If your balance is below R7, your booking will fail. 

3. You are restricted from booking certain slots

Your membership type may restrict you from booking peak slots (Junior and certain senior memberships.)

Member Arrival Confirmation of Court Slots

As from April 2022, court slots need to be manually confirmed at the Court Manager console before court lights will be activated. This is to confirm that the member who made the booking is present.

Note: This is a change from the automated activation of court lights during Covid. Lights were automatically set to activate as a means of avoiding excessive activity at the console area and to avoid touching the biometric sensor. 

Process required by members to confirm court slots:

  1. On arrival at the club, proceed to the Court Manager console. (This is upstairs outside the managers office behind court 5.)
Court Manager Console
Image: The Court Manager Console outside the Club Managers office
  1. Login in to Court Manager via the biometric sensor
Image: The Court Manager Court Confirmation Screen
  1. Use the keypad to navigate to your court slot to confirm the booking. If you have insufficient lights account funds, the system will show an error in red text informing you that your slot cannot be confirmed due to insufficient funds. Note: you will be charged a penalty if you do not load funds before your slot begins. 
  2. The video below shows the process.

Implication of not confirming court slots

If the court slot booked is not confirmed (a no-show), the member will be charged a penalty. The penalty amount is the same for peak and off-peak slots (R50).

Very important to note: If the member is at the Club and attempts to confirm the court but they have insufficient funds in their lights account, the member will still be charged a penalty which will result in the lights account having a negative balance. It’s important to check your lights balance before your session.

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