guide to buying a racket


  • Heavier rackets = more power
  • Lighter rackets = more movement and control

A heavier racquet is a good choice for a player that likes, or has a slower racquet head speed, as the racquet will assist with generating power

The Difference between Oval and Teardrop Squash Racket Heads

Squash racquets come in a few different shapes. The traditional shapes are teardrop, elongated teardrop, square head, or oval

  • Oval means more control
  • Teardrop gives you more power

This is due to the stringing patterns (oval has them closer together, teardrop has longer strings due to the shape).

If you can generate lots of power on your own you might want to look at a closed throat racquet with a smaller head, as it will help with control. If you are looking for racquet that will help generate power, a slightly heavier racquet with a teardrop head will with this


Looser strings will give more power while tighter (and also thinner) strings give more control. Most club players’ string at the average of 28 pounds. This gives a nice Power/ Control ratio.

Balance Point

  • “Head heavy” rackets more of the weight is shifted toward the head of your frame
  • “Even balanced” rackets. obviously even balanced
  • “Head light” rackets more of the weight is down toward the handle of your racquet

Power players tend to like ‘ head heavy” racquets because they generate greater ball speed

Head light racquets are easier to maneuver and may be better for younger players who don’t have fully developed wrist strength


The type of grip that you like is going to come down to personal preference. It is important to replace your grip when it becomes worn. Many players will always put an over grip on top of the factory grip anyway Others will prefer a particular type of grip and replace the original grip as soon as they receive their new racquet.

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