We wish to remind members that it is possible to login to Go Book to update personal details such as email addresses and contact numbers.

It is a common occurrence for members to contact the Club Manager to change their email address, but it is really simple and quick for the member to do this themselves. The information in the Go Book application is synchronised with Court Manager. 

The following steps are required to update your contact details. 

  • Login to Go Book
  • Click the Profile Menu button
Update profile screen

Click Personal Details and Notification Options

Update any details as required

update-personal details

Click contact details to update contact details

In this section, members can update all personal contact details, including email address, phone numbers and home address. 

update personal contact details

Click Login Details

In this section members can change their Go Book user name and password. 

As can be seen, updating member details via Go Book is a fairly simple process. We will request members to attempt to make any future updates of email address or phone number themselves from now on and club management will only get involved if there is a problem accessing the system. 

Any user issues where the member is unable to login should be referred to the Go Book support team: 


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