Regulations and House rules



  • The Durbanville Squash Club is a private, members only club, and is not open to the public.
  • Members may invite guests to play and/or attend an event or tournament.
  • Access to the club is via the biometric fingerprint system, activated at various entry points, as well as providing access to the club computer for booking management.
  • If a member is the last to leave the club, such member must ensure all lights are switched off and the front door must be closed securely.



  • In terms of our Liquor License:
    • No persons under the age of 18 years may purchase liquor at the bar. (Only cold drinks or other refreshments.)
    • No liquor may be brought onto or taken from the premises.
    • We will only operate within approved hours.
    • We will only serve guests in the presence of a member. 
  • No I.O.U. is accepted at the bar. 
  • Bar bills must be settled before leaving the bar.
  • No member or guest is allowed behind the bar.
  • By Law, a barperson has the authority to refuse service and/ or expel a person who is disorderly or drunk according to the description of the Law. 
  • The club’s barpersons will not serve anybody without a shirt. 
  • Members not complying with the Rules of the Bar will face disciplinary action according to the Constitution.



  • All members and their guests are required to behave in a sportsmanlike manner, both on and off the court.
  • Misconduct will be addressed according to the disciplinary guidelines of WP Squash and Squash SA, as well as our Constitution.



  • Courts may be booked online via GoBook or at the club computer.
  • Members paying full membership (Adult) may book 10 days in advance.
  • All other membership categories may book 7 days in advance.
  • Members are not allowed to book more than one court during peak times.
  • Families are restricted to one court during peak times.
  • During the season league matches take precedence over social games.



  • Members are to wear acceptable sport attire and not casual wear.  
  • Nobody is allowed to play without a shirt. 
  • During a league match, all players must wear a proper shirt with sleeves, as per the WPS league rules. (Preferably a DBV club shirt.) 


The purpose of the ladder is to determine the relative playing strength or standard of members. League teams are selected according to the ladder and it encourages a spirit of competition amongst members. 

Challenges may be performed according to the following rules: 

  • A member on the ladder may challenge a person who is one or two positions ahead. 
  • A member not on the ladder may challenge at random. Should the challenger lose he/she may then only challenge below that station until a victory is recorded. 
  • In order to determine a member’s playing strength, a challenge may be arranged at the discretion of the Club Captain. 
  • Should a challenger win the match, which is decided by the best of five games, his/her name shall be placed in the defender’s position and the names below moved down accordingly. 
  • Should a member fail to honour a challenge within 7 days, the challenger shall be deemed to have won by default. 
  • Only the Club Captain may alter the ladder. 

League & Tournaments

  • Our club is affiliated to the Provincial body, WP Squash, as well as to the National body, Squash SA. We are therefore required to adhere to the rules & regulations of the above. 
  • As stipulated in our Constitution, members may only participate in league (and any other tournament) if they are fully paid up in terms of their annual subscriptions and any other fees as required by the club or Provincial body. 
  • It is required that all our members play their league games in the club’s colours wherever possible. 
  • Bad behaviour on court during a league match may result in disciplinary action, as provided for in our Constitution. 


  • Peak times are Monday – Thursday:  16h15 – 20h00 
  • Membership categories not allowed to play during peak times:
    • Juniors, unless a league player
    • Seniors, unless a league player (excludes current Seniors ≥ 70 years)


  • A court must be cancelled at least 2 hours in advance, either by phoning the office or via GoBook
  • A court that is not cancelled will result in a “double payment” penalty, automatically deducted by our booking computer, as programmed. 


  • Non-marking shoes must be used at all times. If a player is caught with shoes that leave marks, a fine of R1000 will be imposed. 
  • Players are responsible for the condition of their grips.  On occasion, a perished grip can leave fragments which mark the court.
  • No chewing gum, bottles or any item may be left on a court. 
  • Only children playing squash, with the correct attire, may use the courts.


  • As per the notice boards displayed in the area, any person or vehicle entering this property does so solely at that person’s or owner/driver’s risk and the Durbanville Squash Club accepts no liability for any loss, injury or damage of whatever nature howsoever arising whilst on the property. 
  • The parking bays are marked for vehicles and provision are made (and marked) for motorcycles, which are expected to park accordingly. 


Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the club except in the designated legal smoking room. 


  • Members must at all times be vigilant and aware of any suspicious person(s) entering the club or loitering in the parking area. 
  • Any member is within his rights to enquire from a suspicious person what the purpose of his attempted access to the club is, and proof of membership may be requested.
  • Should the club manager still be on duty, please bring this to his attention.
  • Do not leave valuables unguarded and secure the zips of your squash bag, especially when in the changing rooms.
  • If a member is the last to leave the club please ensure that all the lights are off and the front door is securely locked.
  • The club subscribes to a security service and the details are posted on the noticeboard or is available from the barperson.



  Updated November 2021

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