It’s a common occurrence for members to pay funds to the Club for various reasons. The most common occurrence is paying for court lights. This guide will explain how to make a payment to the Club to load various fees into your accounts. 

A Brief overview of Club management systems: Court Manager and Go Book

The Club uses a system called Court Manager to manage membership to the Club, the automation of court lights and management of lights fees and subscription fees. 

The Go Book web application is an extension of Court Manager. It allows remote access to membership details and subscription and lights accounts and court bookings. Any activity on Go Book is synchronised with the Court Manager system which is located at the Club. 

Note: During Loadshedding, the Club Server is shutdown automatically by the UPS if the generator is not switched on before the UPS shutdown. If the server is shutdown, this means no bookings can be made via Go Book. This confuses some members, as they might not be in a Loadshedding stage but the Club is so, their booking will fail.

Every member has a subscription account and a lights account on court manager. When your membership subscription becomes due in January of each year, the members subscription account is debited. Similarly, there is also a lights account but this account is pre-loaded with funds. When a member books a court, the Court Manager system first checks if there is a positive balance (minimum R7) on the lights account. If there are insufficient funds, the court booking is not successful. 

There are also various rules about booking courts depending on the membership type and time of day. For example, Juniors and certain seniors cannot book peak time courts. The booking will not be confirmed. Another rule applicable to all members is during peak time. Only one slot can be booked by a member. 

At the time of the court slot booking activation ( when the lights are activated), the system will deduct R30 from the members lights account balance. If there are insufficient funds (i.e. greater than R7 but less than R30) for the slot, the court slot cannot be confirmed for activation. The court lights will not come on. 

Note 1: The reason for the R7 minimum balance is to allow a member time to load funds for the actual booking. Court Manager / Go Book seeks to make the member aware of the low balance at the time of the booking.
Note 2: During the Covid period (from March 2020 to April 2022) lights were automatically activated. At the time of the court booking, the member simply needed to walk onto court and the lights would come on automatically if there were sufficient funds in the lights balance. The member did not need to manually confirm the court booking at the Court Manager console. This was changed in April 2022 and now requires members to manually confirm the booking. Court confirmation and activation can only take place if there are sufficient funds on the lights account. A member who does not manually activate lights (i.e does not pitch up for the court booking within 5 minutes of the booking) or has insufficient funds for the booking will be fined for a no show. In the case of insufficient funds, the members lights account will go into a negative balance due to the fine which makes further bookings impossible until a positive balance is restored.

Most payments made to the Club are for the lights account, the balance of which you can see via the Court Manager console or Go Book. 

The Club accepts payments in various ways (Click this link to view payment details)

  1. EFT 
  2. Snapscan via the website (Snapscan is a QR Code payment gateway. You need a mobile device to pay with Snapscan)
  3. Payfast payments via Go Book (Payfast is a trusted payment gateway based in South Africa)
  4. Cash, card or Snapscan at the bar

The above methods of payment can be used to make payment for anything Club related, most often to pay for court lights. 

Membership fees, league fees and various tournament fee payments may also be required over the course of the year, for example Pub Tournament.

Process Required when making a payment via EFT or Snapscan QR code via the website

If paying any amount of funds into the the Club bank account or via the Snapscan QR Code on the website, please ensure to use your name as it is on record at the Club as a reference. If space allows for it, the reason for the payment. For example: Jon Snow – Court Lights or Tyrion Lannister – League Fees. 

You also need to send a proof of payment to which clearly reflects the reason for payment. 

Note: There is also a form to use to submit the payment to our Club Manager which allows for further details to be provided and will assist in matching your payment as soon as possible. 

Please be aware fees are only loaded to your lights account or subscription account when Club management has received the payment notification. You are welcome to WhatsApp the Club Manager (after payment is made and proof of payment has been sent) should you wish to check if the payment has been received. 

Note: Club Management loads funds on working week days Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5pm, only when payment is received via EFT or Snapscan. On occasion it may possible to do so outside of these hours but this is not guaranteed. 

Process Required When Making Payments via the Club Bar

Members may also make payment for various purposes at the Club bar. You may pay using cash, card or Snapscan. 

When making payment via the bar, please inform the bar staff what the reason for the payment is and provide your name as the Club has it on record. 

Note: It is recommended that you also submit the payment form to ensure Club Management are aware of the payment.

Payments made at the bar will be processed the following day between 8am and 5pm, unless the payment has been made directly by Club Management at the bar. In this case the payment will usually be processed immediately. 

Process Required When Making Payments via Go Book

Go Book is a web based application which is linked to the Club and Court Manager as detailed above. (There is also a mobile app but payments cannot made via the app.)

When making a payment via Go Book, your lights account will reflect the payment immediately. This offers the convenience of loading lights funds 24/7. 

The Go Book Process to load funds is detailed below. All screens below are taken from the Go Book web application.

Note: New members will be loaded on to Court Manager as soon as their membership begins. Once loaded on to Court Manager, the member will receive a pin code to be used to enrol in the DBV Squash Club Go Book system. During the registration process on Go Book, the pin code and membership number will be required. This will be included as part of the membership welcome pack. 
Go Book How to Pay Step 1
Login to Go Book at

Go Book How To Pay Screen 2
Click on the Financial menu button, then click new payment
Go Book How To Pay
Enter payment details and click next.
Go Book How To Pay
Check the details and tick the confirmation box. Take note of the fees. These fees are charged to the Club by the payment gateway and Go Book. The standard process is to pass the fees on to the member. Bare this in mind, if you want R100 to reflect in your lights account, you will pay R106,21
Go Book Screen 5
You will be directed to the Payfast payment gateway to complete the payment for the full amount. Your payment will reflect in 5 minutes or less.

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