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Mens League 2021

In 2021 WP Squash offered 13 league divisions. Clubs were invited to enter teams from 1st League to 13th league. The 2021 season saw a total of 103 teams entered in the WP Squash Mens League. 

The season was once again disrupted due to Covid-19 which saw a large number of teams withdraw midway through the season.

DBV Squash entered 7 league teams in the WP Squash Mens League. 3 of these 7 teams won their division.

Congratulations to the 4th, 7th and 12th league teams on winning their respective divisions. 

Source: Results and News

WP League 2021 saw a total of 621 players represent their clubs across 13 leagues. 

DBV Squash had a total of 34 players represent the Club. 

Source: Results and News

Masters League 2021

In 2021 WP Masters League Squash offered 3 league divisions. DBV Squash entered 2 teams (1st League and 3rd league). There were a total of 24 teams across the 3 divisions. 

Source: Results and News

The 2021 Masters League season had a total of 179 players entered in the league across 24 teams. 

DBV Squash entered 2 teams (1st league and 3rd league) and was represented by 15 players across 2 divisions. The 3rd league side won 100% of their games (14 played, 14 won) and ended the winners of WP Masters 3rd League.

Morne Grove played and won 13 matches (100% win record). Morne’s win record represents the most games played and won across both the WP Mens league and WP Masters league for the 2021 league season. 

Source: Results and News