Durbanville Squash Club would like to trial a member communication portal. We are asking all members to assist us, especially those members participating in the Club Champs and Fantasy League.

One of the problems we have when running a competition like the Club Champs tournament, is having members connect with each other to schedule games. Members don’t have each others contact details, such as email addresses or phone numbers and they rely on club management to provide it. This places a burden on club management (Shaun) and there is sometimes a delay in the communication from the club to the member.  

As a trial solution, we’ve implemented a member communication portal. This allows members to look up one another to allow contact between members via WhatsApp, email or instant messaging via a browser. 

The idea with the portal is for members to connect with Club Champs or Fantasy League game opponents to arrange a date and time for the match, without needing to request contact details from the club. Members will be able to contact opponents via Whatsapp, email, phone call or direct message via the platform if these details are shared.

A complex issue we had to work around is privacy. We need to ensure the platform allows members to select whether they are happy to share contact details with all club members, or only with those members they connect with… or with no members at all. A members contact details are private and members have the choice to share it or not. Of course the right to privacy does not solve the problem of allowing contact for the purposes of scheduling games, but the right to privacy is absolute and must always be given as an option. In the event that a member chooses to keep all contact details private, the only option that remains is for the club to share your contact details on request from an opponent.  

On the topic of privacy it’s also important to note that the member portal is secure. Public internet browsing is not permitted access to your information. Access to member profiles is only allowed for DBV Squash club members.

The member portal in place ticks all the boxes, privacy, security and functionality.

This platform runs entirely on the club website and is meant to be a social platform for club members. It’s not a Facebook or Whatsapp replacement.

Setup Guide

  1. Access the member portal login page –
  2. Reset your password by clicking the Lost your password link and
  3. Enter the email address the club has on record for you (typically the email address this email was sent to)
  4. Check your email for a password reset instruction (if no email arrives in a few seconds, check the spam folder)
  5. Access the link provided In the email and reset your password. 
  6. Click the login link and login using the new password

If you get an error that says the email address isn’t correct, please check the spelling you have entered. If you are certain it is correct and its the same as the email address this email was sent to, please send an email to for us to investigate the issue. Please include the email address in your message.

The forgot password screen

At this point, you should be logged into the portal. You should be viewing your member account profile screen.

Member Profile Page

Note: You can return to your member profile screen at any time by accessing the menu item: 

  • My DBV Squash —> Profile

In the member profile section you can do the following:

  • Edit your profile
  • View and manage your connections (aka “friends”)
  • Message your connections (aka members)

To search for and view members, access the following menu item:

  • My DBV Squash —> Members

From here, you can search for members by any search criteria, including first name, surname, email address or player profile. Getting useful contact information requires that the member has updated their profile. When searching, remember to only search for items contained in a single field. for example, search only for first name or only for surname. You cannot enter a members full name. For example entering “Joe Blogg” will not return anything, but searching for “Joe” will return all members with the word “Joe” in their name. Likewise, searching for the word “Blogg” will return all members with the surname “Blogg”. You can also search for player profiles. For example a player might list himself as Social. You can search for “social” in the search area and this will return all members who have updated their player profile to include “social”. 


The members search screen

Updating your profile

To get started here are a few things you need to do:

Click the edit button in the profile tab:

  1. Enter your WhatsApp link (once this is completed you will see a black Whatsapp icon to the right of you profile avatar)
  2. Update your bio (example – mention what league you play in, how long you’ve been a member, your squash achievements etc)
  3. Update the email address you are happy to share with other members
  4. Update your phone number if you’re happy to share it
  5. Update your player profile (mens league, ladies league, social etc)
  6. Select the privacy settings for each of the above items. Privacy settings allows you set who sees your information.
A Member with a Whatsapp link on their profile
Instructions for updating your Whatsapp link

While in the profile section you can also update some styling items –

  1. Update your avatar picture
  2. Update your profile background picture

That’s it, your profile is updated!

Connecting with members

  • You can search for members in the members listing (My DBV Squash —> Members)
  • When you have found the member you’re looking for, you can then connect with that member. The member you connect with will receive a notification that you want to connect with them. You can either ignore, reject or accept their connection request (think of it like a friend request on Facebook)

Messaging Members

  • You can message any member.
  • If the member is online he / she will receive a notification in the browser window.
  • If they are offline, they will receive a summary of your messages via email after 15 minutes. Important – they will not receive an email notification if they are online, or have a logged in tab open on their browser.

That’s it for the member portal. If this works out, we will keep it in place and add a few other features, like member groups and a forum for discussions.  If there is not much enthusiasm (no updated profiles / no activity) then we’ll take it down and think about other ways to solve the problem of inter-member contact. 

Thanks for helping out and participating in the trial!