Dear league player,

Thank you for your participation and representation of Durbanville Squash Club in the 2020 WP Squash League season. We appreciate and truly value your commitment. 

League Fees: 

As you know, Durbanville Squash Club decides upfront and commits teams to participate in the league. We commit a large levy payment to WP Squash prior to knowing who will participate. Once the teams and team captains are decided, we then begin the process of levy recovery by asking each team to contribute towards the levy.  

Please see the calculated contributions below, which will ensure the Club recovers sufficient funds.  

We request that league players and team captains begin the payment process to ensure payment is made by all league players before 2 April 2020, as the Masters league begins 2 April 2020, and Masters is the final team selection process. 

The league fee / levy contributions for 2020 are as follows:
R120 for Squash SA to be paid by ALL league players (Men’s / Ladies / Masters).
R630 for Men’s and Ladies league (WP league levy for team entry).
R210 WP Masters subscription fee for all players.
R590 for master’s league fees (WP league levy for team entry).

Men’s league only player fees:
R120 SSA registration
R630 WPS league levy
R750 Total payable per player

Ladies league only player fees:
R120 SSA registration
R630 WPS league levy
R750 Total payable per player

Ladies playing in ladies and men’s league you pay as follows:
R120 SSA registration
R630 WPS ladies league levy
R630 WPS men’s league levy
R1380 Total payable per player

Masters league only player fees:
R120 SSA registration
R210 Masters subscription fee for Masters
R590 Masters league levy
R920 Total payable per player

Should you play Men’s / Ladies league AND Masters league you pay as follows
R120 SSA Registration
R630 for either men’s OR ladies league
R210 Masters subscription fee
R590 for masters league
R1550 Total payable per player


Team captains may decide how to use reserves. It is compulsory that the top 5 players per team rotate evenly throughout the season, but team captains may decide to include reserve players as part of that rotation. All players who will be rotated in teams are required to pay the SSA registration fee as stated above, regardless of your status as reserve, but only the top 5 players are required to pay the WPS league levy.Team captains, please communicate how your team will rotate to your team members. 


Please refer to the following page for information on how to make payment to the club:

League players are requested to make an individual payment to the club through the above payment methods. Team captains may also collect payment for Durbanville shirts ordered via the current purchase process which is underway. Shirts are sold for R150.00. Please order shirts through your team captain and pay via the above payment process. 

Players and captains – please communicate with each other to ensure a coordinated levy collection process. Captains will ultimately be held accountable for league fees for their team.

Please fill in the form on the how-to-pay page and note in the form comments section who you have made payment for (which team member(s)) and which league side you are paying for.

Thank you for your assistance and continued support of Durbanville Squash Club. Wishing you all the best for the remainder of the league season. 

On behalf of Durbanville Squash Club Management
Enquiries: Shaun Venter
Phone: 0219765262
Sent on: 2020-03-15