Update: Please note: Pub tournament has been cancelled for 2020.

29th, 30th and 31st of May 2020

ENTRY CLOSING DATE: 25th of May 2020(Closing Date for EARLY BIRD: 1st MAY)

Durbanville Squash Club invites you or your club to enter teams in our 35th Pub Tournament. The Tournament will take place from 17:00 on Friday 29th of May to approximately 12:00 on Sunday 31st of May 2020. Play is followed by prize giving. 
Please register early on Friday 29th (by 16.30 at the latest.) Play will start at 17:00.


There are three pools, based on which Western Province League you and your team play:

  • A-Section: 2nd – 10th league =  approx. 25 league points in total
  • B-Section: 11th – 14th league =  approx. 50 league points in total
  • C-Section: 15th league and up, ladies and social

Rules of the Pub Tournament:

1. Teams will consist of 4 players (Ladies / Men / Mixed)

2. Each player will play 20 minutes non-stop PAR scoring

3. Each player will play at least 4 or 5 matches

4. Teams must be evenly represented / matched (We will check on that!)

*** This is a FUN TOURNAMENT! Please do not load your teams!***

How to assemble your team:

Please note, below information is a guideline only. If unsure, please feel free to enter your teams with the respective team strenghts, and we will reply with which section you belong in, to insure you are placed in the correct section.


Example: 1 – 4 in decreasing strength:
No. 1: 2nd league
No. 2: 5th league
No. 3: 8th league
No. 4: 10th league

Add the leagues up to get 25 or below.
You can also have 4 x 6th league players which will equal 24


If you use 11, 12, 13 and 14th league players, your league total should be higher than 25 and max out at around 50.
Teams can consist of higher ranked or lower ranked players, but try to get the total to around 50. (4 X 14th league players  = 56 is fine)


A bit harder to rank as all may not play WP league and some may be social.
You can use lower league and social players to fill your teams (we will check and advise)

Entry Fees
Early Bird: R1200 per team / R300 per player (price for entries submitted before 1st of May 2020)
Snooze you lose: R1400 per team / R350 per player (price for entries submitted after 30 April 2020)

Payment to be received per team entry. 4 players per team.
All entries close on the 25th of May 2020

Entry Fee Includes 

T-Shirt for each player
Friday and Saturday evening Disco/Band
Prizes (Don’t forget the dress-up for Saturday afternoons match!)
Excludes meals (catering available)

Entry Process: Complete the online entry form.

You will receive an email containing instructions on making payment and various other details. Payment must be made for the entire team, we will not accept individual player payments. Team captains are responsible for collecting player fees and for paying it over to the club on time. 

Team payments must be received before the cut-off date for entries (25 May 2020.) Failure to pay by this date may result in you losing your spot in the tournament and it will be given to another team.

Important information to be provided on entry 
Please ensure you provide all details required on the entry form. Incomplete entries are not accepted.

  • Name of team
  • Names of team members and strengths
  • Section entered (to be checked and confirmed by the organisers) 
  • Captain’s name and contact details
  • Sizes of T-shirts

Since this this is a FUN TOURNAMENT the biggest special prize will go to the best fancy-dress team on the Saturday afternoon. As per normal, we try to give all teams a prize at prize giving.

Meals and snacks will be available for purchase throughout the weekend. We will have a physiotherapist on site, as well as racket re-stringing & other equipment.

We look forward to welcoming you to DURBANVILLE for our 35th successive PUB tournament!