Dear Members,

Club Champions Finals

We would like to invite all members to join us for the finals of the Durbanville Squash Club Champions tournament. Play will get underway at 18H00.

Court 1: Damaged / Marked Floor

You may be aware of the marks on the floor on court 1. These marks occurred over the weekend of 21/22 November.

We are aware of the member who caused the marks and we have dealt with it. However, we would like to share the results of what happens when not wearing the appropriate non-marking shoes, as can be seen in the image below.

As members of Durbanville Squash Club, we must all take responsibility for awareness of possible damage to the courts. This is regardless of the manner in which damage could take place, we all need to be aware at all times of possible damage.

As a member, you are well within your rights to query whether another member is wearing non-marking shoes if you are unsure. And as members, we should not be offended if such a query is asked of us.

If you need to report possible damage to the courts please contact Shaun Venter anytime:

Emergency Contact
Shaun Venter
+27 82 503 8938