An update from Louis du Toit:

Good Day Members

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that bookings for return to play are open to all members from Monday 17 August 2020!

Please find an UPDATED version of procedures.

Good News

  • The playing time is now approximately 41 minutes.
  • We have supplied mops to ease cleaning of the court walls.
  • Playing with face shields/ masks now optional and to be agreed between the players on court (Masks / shields are compulsory off court in the building).
  • We will be open on a Saturday starting from 23 August.(GoBook booking slots will be adjusted accordingly).
  • Peak times back to normal.(Mondays to Thursdays from17h00 to 19h00).

Not So Good News

We urge all club members to adhere to the strict guidelines and regulations as provided by Government aimed at limiting the spread of the virus. Please be informed that all activities, which are not allowed in terms of regulations (for example the consumption of alcohol taking place in and / or adjacent to the club premises) will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Cape Town Municipality visited the club on Monday 3 August 2020 regarding non conformance to regulations, which have now been addressed.

We have had a few unfortunate reported incidents of the breaking of prescribed protocols. As mentioned, these have been dealt with on a personal level. We are grateful to those that have reported these incidents.

Please can we work together as a team! This will assist Shaun (Club Manager and designated COVID official) and the committee in avoiding unpleasant confrontations.

We are living under abnormal circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some members have first hand experience in witnessing / caring of infected relatives / friends (including myself). For those of us that have experienced the effect of the disease, we may have different views to others.

It is the responsibility for all of us to ensure we are committed to assist the club to endure during these unprecedented times. 

Please be courteous and considerate toward your fellow members. 

Welcome back and enjoy your game!

Indemnity form: printable version / online version

Document: Operational Plan Updated Procedures