On Saturday October 9, DBV Squash celebrated World Squash Day by hosting a day of competitive squash on the courts, followed by a collection of the best gourmet potjiekos you’ll ever taste!

The finals came to a close with the final round of matches in Section A, B, C1 and C2. 

Section A featured our top mens league players in action (mostly league players, but not all), while section B featured promising players who we expect to see challenging for those Section A spots in the near future. 

Section C1 and C2 consists of some social players, lower mens league and masters league players and those who play squash as an excuse to enjoy a cold beer… Nonetheless, these guys played some incredibly competitive squash throughout the competition and it was always great fun to watch. 

From left to right: Shaun, Grant V, Philip, Stephan and Leonard (Winner B Section Bowl)

The Finals: Matches and Results

Section A

Cup: Shaun vs Liam – Winner: Shaun

Plate: Hannes vs Marius – Winner: Hannes

Shield: John vs George – Winner: George

Bowl: Luca vs Nico (Egmond pulled out injured) – Winner: Luca

Congratulations to Shaun Venter, our Club Champ for 2021. Shaun retains the title for yet another year. A special shout out to Liam for playing an epic finals match against Shaun. Watch this space, Liam is a young lad with many great years of squash ahead of him. 

Shaun (Winner of Club Champs 2021) and Trevor (Club Captain)
Shaun (Winner of Club Champs 2021) and Liam (Runner up)

Section B

Cup: Deon vs Philip – Winner: Philip

Plate: Marcus vs Paul R – Winner: Paul R

Shield: Lawrie vs Steven – Winner: Lawrie

Bowl: Leonard vs Floyd – Winner: Leonard

Congratulations to Philip Berg as the winner of our B Section. We should be seeing Philip challenging for some of those Section A spots soon. A special mention to Deon Lotz for playing a well-fought and highly competitive match. 

Philip (Cup Winner Section B) and Trevor (Club Captain)
Winner of Section B Bowl: Leonard

Section C1

Cup: Regan vs JC – Winner: Regan

Plate: Dirk vs Stefan – Winner: Stefan

Shield: Paul H vs Peter – Winner: Peter

Bowl: Morne vs Lambit – Winner: Lambit

Congratulations to Regan as the winner of Section C1. Regan has grown in strength immensely over the past year. His game has improved at such a rate, even Shaun must be taking note. Well done to Regan, let’s hope we see him challenging for that B section title next year. 

Special Mention – Along the way to Regan’s victory, he must have also broken some sort of record for DBV Squash Club. In the final game of a 3-0 victory to Regan (round robin match) the score ended up at 30-28. His poor, foolish opponent just didn’t know when to quit.

Note: None of the C1 winners were available for photographs.

Section C2

Cup: Grant V vs Jaco – Winner: Grant V

Plate: Le Roux vs Stephan – Winner: Stephan

Shield: Vaughn vs Robert – Winner: Robert

Bowl: Japie vs Llewlyn – Winner: Japie

Congratulations to Grant van Zyl as the winner of Section C1. Grant is a relatively new member to the club and resident to Cape Town. We’re excited to see Grant’s game improving and hope to also see him challenging for that B Section title next year. But first, Grant and Regan need to have a game to decide who’s the real C section king. 

Grant V (Cup Winner Section C2) and Trevor (Club Captain)
Stephan (Plate Winner C2) and Trevor (Club Captain)

The DBV Squash Potjiekos Kings

Meanwhile, The Potjiekos King competition was also heating up. Early on in the day, there was some exciting argy-bargy going on for premium space on the potjie rack. That was all calmed down when Gawie, once again, pleased the masses with another one of his amazingly delicious, tasty pot breads. 

In total we had 7 potjie chefs vying for the title of DBV Squash Potjie King 2021, but in the end, our expert panel of culinary judges made their choice:

  • Winner: Marco Zielman – Lamb Pot
  • Runner Up: Jacques – Chicken Pot

A massive round of applause to all our chefs for providing really fantastic food on World Squash Day, 2021

  • Gawie and Lynne du Plessis – Venison Pot
  • Nico Roux – Beef Pot
  • Floyd Townes – Chicken Pot
  • JC du Toit and Marlise – Lamb Pot
  • Gillian Hansen – Chorizo and Salami Pasta Pot
  • Paul Hansen – Lamb Pot

Many thanks to everyone involved in making our Championship Finals Day a massive success.

A special word of thanks goes to Floyd Townes for assisting us with the potjje tray and for providing us with a selection of wine, Gawie du Plessis for helping to organize the potjie chefs, Lynne du Plessis for assisting with marketing material and finally to all the Championship competitors and potjie chefs and judges on the day.

The Club Championships 2021 was held on a Saturday which is an unusual day for it to take place. The finals normally coincides with other Club events and is held during the week, but this year we decided to hold all champs finals on a Saturday and it has been a resounding success. All competitors on the day agreed to keep this format in the future, but we will possibly look to run a much shorter and streamlined event next year.

Some success factors this year included the pre-booking of courts for champs matches and a clear schedule for all players and their opponents and visibility of results throughout the tournament. We’ll look to improve on this next year.

Once again, well done to all!

Trevor Davies
Club Captain