1. New players welcomed into DBV SC Leagues. (26 players in total, including Jacques Duminy – our new club no.1 in 1st league). We also welcomed 12 new players resulting from our off season social round robins events.

2. Teams for 2020: an increase from 11 to 14 teams. All teams were displayed and read out showing team captains per side. Also, we have 3 ladies league sides, teams were also mentioned and player names read out.

Club Manager Shaun Venter looking on as Chris Goslin reads out team captains for the 2020 mens league season

3.Reserves for all teams were listed next to each team and the process of how and when to use them was discussed.

4. We discussed the ‘Bosberaad’ that WP Squash held at DBV a few weeks prior, listing proposed league changes for the 2021 season with 8 teams per league and bringing back the mid-season knockout.

5. Discussions were held around 5 man sides and how to rotate players in team and try to give all a fair amount of matches in your league side. 

6. League Rules – a few points such as time of matches, when to arrive, playing order, score cards and how to load them were discussed. Please speak to Chris Goslin if you are not sure what was discussed or want to hear it again

7. League fees were confirmed to be R750 pp, which included SSA fee.

8. League shirts were displayed for all. Many thanks to Michael Merryweather for Synsport Sponsorship of league shirts and to Theo Engelbrecht for Teclogix sponsorship on the ladies league outfits.

Club Captain Chris Goslin with shirts sponsored by Synsport. The ladies kit was sponsored by Teclogix

9. Fixtures were shown and discussed for the upcoming league matches.

10. Captains of each side were named and thanked.

11. League Etiquette was discussed, how to handle ourselves, sportsmanship and general club expectations regarding league nights was mentioned.

12. Marking and Refereeing – Marius Stols was then asked to discuss a few basic league rules and then then he welcomed the 1stleague team and our guest – Johnny Abrahamse – to play a few exhibition matches.

Great turnout from league players. Thanks to all who attended!

After the meeting, all members were invited to have a boerie roll and enjoy the matches that followed… and many… got utterly hammered afterwards !?!?!?!?