Advertising at durbanville squash club

This page provides information about Durbanville Squash Club sponsorship / advertising.  

Section 1: Types of advertising

Durbanville Squash Club welcomes sponsorship in the form of advertising in the following categories:

  1. Court advertising boards – Top and bottom (tin) of front wall
  2. Parking area entrance board
  3. Club main entrance board
  4. Water fountain board
  5. Club shirts (league and pub tournament)
  6. Various other boards around the inside and outside of the club (eg foyer / court 1 deck)
  7. Website and email banners

See below images for examples of each category

Section 2: Costs

The cost of advertising varies based on the options required. A rough guideline of the estimated costs associated with advertising is included below. All advertising contracts and pricing is based on a 12 month period:

  • Court 1 advertising: Bottom: R7000 / Top: R10000
  • Court 2,3,4,5 advertising: Bottom: R3500 per year / Top: R2500
    (Note the above price excludes the cost of design, signage manufacture and installation. Depending on the service provider selected for these services, it may cost between R2000 – R4000 for the physical signage to be designed, produced and installed.) 
  • There may be additional maintenance required from time to time. For example, the sign may break and might need to be repaired or replaced. This will always be for the cost of the advertiser.
  • The advertiser will always have first option to renew their advertising contract before the space is made available to another advertiser.
  • A discount may be offered based on the length of the advertising contract.
  • Sponsorship contract are paid for 12 months and all contracts expire on 1 January of each year. Advertisers will be contacted prior to expiry and will always have first option for renewal of their sponsorship contract. If a contract is agreed mid year, advertising rates will be pro rated for the renaming months of the year.  

Court Advertising Board Dimensions: 

 The following dimensions can be used as a guideline for court advertising boards. (It remains the responsibility of advertisers to take exact measurements before production and installation.)

Top section:  Width: 6500mm / Height: 600mm
Bottom section: Width: 6500mm / Height: 450mm


Advertising on the website is always available. Court advertisers and other sponsors receive website advertising as part of their contract deal at no extra charge.

Website Advertising Rates:

Durbanville Squash Club Members: R650 per year / per banner

Website Advertising Specifications:

Footer banner: Width: 900px Height: 150px
The footer banner appears in the footer section on all pages

Medium Rectangle: Width: 900px Height: 750px
The medium rectangle banner appears on the home page just below the “fold” and on the home page sidebar at the bottom. It also appears on the top of the right sidebar on all news pages (blog posts).

Note: By purchasing one medium rectangle banner your ad will appear on all the medium rectangle locations mentioned for the same rate (R650). The footer banner only appears in the footer for the rate of R650. Both banners can accept a URL so that clicking on the ad will drive traffic to your website or to a page. Please include the required URL when submitting the form below. You can view the website footer and home page for examples of the above ads. 

File Types:



Section 3 – Availability

This section will be updated from time to time. Accuracy at the time of viewing cannot be confirmed. Please submit an intent request form (below) for accurate advertising space availability. 

At the time of publishing this page, some advertisers are being contacted to confirm renewal. As soon as we have further information we will update the page. 


Advertising Space Description Status Next Available
Court 1  – Top Sabre Paints 2022-01-01
Court 1  – Bottom GVS Law 2022-01-01
Court 2 – Top Chris Steytler (Community Sponsorship) 2023-01-01
Court 2  – Bottom Shalom Architecture 2022-01-01
Court 3 – Top Solstice Energy 2022-01-01
Court 3 – Bottom A&S Carlsen Transport 2022-01-01
Court 4 – Top Hygiene and Bugs R Us 2022-01-01
Court 4 – Bottom Synsport 2022-01-01
Court 5 – Top Teclogix 2022-01-01
Court 5 – Bottom Teclogix 2022-01-01
Water Fountain Board Synsport 2022-01-01
Parking Area Entrance Sabre Paints 2022-01-01
Main Club Entrance Sabre Paints 2022-01-01
Email Banner Sabre Paints 2022-01-01

Website banners are always available. Website banners rotate every 10 seconds. 


Court Usage:

The tables and graphs below shows the total number of 45 minute sessions each court receives

Please use the form below to request further information / estimated rates for advertising

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