The road to transformation survey


The Road To Transformation

The floor is open! You have the mic! Tell us what your vision is for our club: what do you want to see and experience? Where can we improve? Please note: After you submit the form, you will be taken to a thank you page but you will not receive an email confirmation. This survey is anonymous so we are not collecting any personally identifiable data such as an email address.

  • How can we improve anything involving Club finances affecting members. Suggestions can include anything finance related, examples: Club membership fees, lights fees, leagues fees and Club expenses.
  • Suggestions for improvement to day-to-day operations. Examples, overall facility cleanliness, staff availability (management, bar and cleaning), court operations etc
  • How can we improve our interaction with the broader Durbanville community and those living in previously disadvantaged areas within Durbanville?
  • Anything that does not fall into previous categories
Please be patient once you have submitted. The submission process is slow but it does eventually complete. You can close the browser window once the page redirects to the thank you page. If you close before then, your entry will not be completed.