Durbanville Squash Club Brings You

the 37th annual pub tournament

Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When: Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th June 2022

Where: Durbanville Squash Club

How To Enter: You can enter as a team of up to 5 players or, enter as an individual to be placed into a team. Entry Link Here

Cost: R350 per individual or R1400 for a team of up to 5.

Tournament Sections: Teams are registered into A, B or C section. Sections are organised according to team strength. Team strength is determined by individual player league positions.

A Section consists of the top tier of mens, masters and ladies league players
B Section consists of a mix of some of the top mens ladies and masters teams
C section consists mostly of lower tier mens, ladies, masters league players and ALL levels of social player

Match Format: All matches last for 20 minutes. The score keeps accumulating for every winning point (Point a Rally (PAR) for the full duration of 20 minutes so the game does not end at a score of 11 or 15. The winner at the end of the 20 minutes is the player with the highest score. The winner is awarded 5 bonus points to add to their score providing a boost to the team score.

Tournament Format: The Pub Tournament is essentially a team round-robin. Each players’ score is added up and the combined total of all players is logged. The team with the highest total score wins the section.

Access the Registration Form Here:

The Annual Pub Tournament is a fun squash tournament hosted by Durbanville Squash Club since 1985

The Annual Pub Tournament is a fun squash tournament hosted by Durbanville Squash Club since 1985

Tournament Schedule

We’re back to a FULL 3-DAY Pub Tournament Event

Friday 3rd June
16:00 – 17:00 – Team Registration
17:00 – Kitchen open
17:00 – 17:30 – Tournament Briefing
17:30 – 21:30 – Squash Matches
21:30 – 80’s Theme Party
Live Entertainment
80’s Dress Up

Saturday 4th June
07:30 – Kitchen open for breakfast
08:00 – 12:00 – Squash Matches
12:30 – 13:30 – 80’s Pub Quiz
13:50 – 19:00 – Squash Matches
19:30 – Party Time With Our DJ

Sunday 5th June
07:30 – Kitchen open for breakfast
08:00 – 13:30 -Squash Matches
14:00 – Prize Giving

Email All Questions , Concerns, Complaints or Bribes to

Email All Questions , Concerns, Complaints or Bribes to

Durbanville Pub Tournament 2022 – Rules and Info

• Have you paid your entry fee? Only paid up teams will be entered in the draw. 

• 20-minute games which includes a warm-up. The 1st Bellwill be to start the warm-up; the 2nd one a few minutes later is to start the game. Then when the final bell rings, 20 minutes from the start of the 1st bell, the match is over… play the last point and record the score.

• The winner of the individual match gets 5 bonus points added to his score. If the score is a tie, then you get 2 points each.

• Be on time! Order of play is 4,3,2 and 1. If one of your players is not here then send on a lower ranked player to give the opposition a game. If a walkover is given, TD will calculate team average of other games and the score will be recorded as 0 to the offending team vs. the average the other players scored from the opposition.

• Reserves or stand-in players, please make sure they are at the same level or weaker than the player that is being replaced, DO NOT STRENGTHEN your sides or you may be penalised. Any confusion, please discuss with the tournament organiser for clarification.

• Dress according to your team name. More information on this is on the entry form.

• PAR (Point A Rally). Accumulate Points per player – the teams total points is all your Individual player points all added together….

• The final positions per section will be determined by the Total of all your Points added together – any discrepancies will be left to the tournament coordinator for his final decision. If team totals are tied at the end, then the result of that match between the 2 teams, determines who finished above the other.

  The actual format for Section A,B,C will be determined when we have the total number of teams. Regardless of the amount of entries, each team will play a minimum 5 matches. 

• Please fill in your results timeously and hand your cards in in the score box, or give to the designated “runners”.  Please fill in the names of the players as well as the team name.

• There will be balls on the court at the start of play, please leave there for next team to play. If you are the last match, then please return them to the Tournament organiser.

• Remember – it is a Pub Tournament, so play fair and enjoy it.

• Prize giving – all will get prizes so please attend and dont leave early.

Special thanks to all our sponsors and to everyone who has helped making this such a great tournament – especially YOU the PLAYERS!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Access this link:
Complete all sections and submit your entry. Follow the instructions emailed to you about payment. Payment cutoff is 27 May
Also see: How to Pay and How To Pay For Stuff Via Go Book (members only)

How many players can there be in a team?

You can register up to 5 players. However each team vs team match will only include 4 matches. That means your 5th player will need to rotate. Note: Each team must have at minimum 4 players.
If registering as a team, the team captain or all team members can decide how to apportion the team cost. (Either divided by 4 or by 5)

How will I know when I should be on court to play my match?

Your teams 4 players will play vs another teams 4 players. Each matches consists of 20 minute games. Games are played in the order of 4-3-2-1. All games over that 80 minute period are played vs the same team. The bell outside the bar will be rung at the start of each match and at the end of the match (after 20 minutes). Your team captain / team organizer will receive a full schedule of all matches at least a week in advance of the tournament. The match schedule will also be displayed on a screen. There is usually a long enough break between matches for you to enjoy a meal and a few drinks.

I’m from out of town, may I sleep at the Club?

Absolutely! Make yourself comfortable anywhere you choose (even on the courts), you are free to use all facilities as needed.

Will there be food available?

Yes, the event will be fully catered, meals can be purchased on each day, including delicious breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. Check back here for a full menu in the coming days.

May I play squash if I have had any alcohol to drink?

You most certainly may attempt to play squash while inebriated. Depending on your state of inebriation, you may want to wear protective goggles (your opponent definitely will) and if you can’t stand for too long, maybe consider some padding.

Note: Alcohol or any other food and drink on the squash court itself is unfortunately prohibited in order to protect the court floor. If you feel sick, rather don’t play squash.

Can I enter as an individual and then change my entry to a team later? 

Yes, but first try to make up a team before you enter as an individual. We’ll try our best to accommodate you if you cannot make a full team by adding individual entrants to teams. DBV Club members, to be able to contact other members, please access the member lookup facility here

Entrants from other clubs who are looking to join a team, please enter as an individual. You will be allocated to a team made up of other individuals. Based on the strength of each team member the team will be allocated to A, B or C section. 

Can I enter as a team and then change one of our players to an individual later?

Yes, not a problem. Just let us know well ahead of time by emailing or

Can I cancel my entry and get a refund? 

Yes, you may cancel anytime before 27 May. If you have made payment already, please send proof of payment to for a refund. 

What if I can’t make the tournament, can I get a refund? 

If you know you cannot make it before the 27th, then go ahead and send us an email to cancel your entry. If however you end up with a problem after the 27th of May that requires you cancel, then unfortunately there is no refund. 

I can’t play on all days, can I just play a few matches on a particular day? 

Ensure the team enters up to 5 players so you have a spare player that can fill in the matches one of the other players cannot play. We will also not be unreasonable about emergency substitutions where you may require an unregistered player to play. 

I need an invoice for my entry fee. How do I get one?

Not a problem. Contact and request an invoice. 

I’m a beginner squash player, can I enter?

Absolutely! The Pub Tournament is perfect for social squash players. You might come up against a much stronger opponent, but they will quickly adapt to your level and that will help both of you have an enjoyable 20 minutes of squash.. and loads of fun and laughs afterward over a beer.

Is the Pub Tournament safe for children?

Yes,  teenagers are welcome to participate in the tournament. However the Club bar is prohibited from serving alcohol or cold drinks to anyone under the age of 18. Refreshments will have to be ordered by parents.

Are there any prizes on offer at the tournament?

Yes, there will be a prize giving function on Sunday, 5 June. There will be many fantastic prizes on offer, and a few surprise booby prizes!

Are there any dates that are important to remember, leading up to the Pub Tournament?


The cutoff for payments is 27 May. If you have not paid by this date, your entry may be given to another team who may be on a waiting list. Prompt payment will ensure your entry is guaranteed. (We can only cater for up to 30 teams). 

Durbanville Squash Club Members are given 7 days to submit entries before any external players or teams can register. The cutoff for preferred entries by DBV Squash members is 9 May 2022.

What about Covid-19?

We’ve really missed hosting our usual rip-roaring pub tournaments due to the pandemic-thingy-poo that spoiled everyones fun, BUT, since we’re all vaccinated now….

** On a serious note, Durbanville Squash Club still encourages social distancing and other precautions as deemed necessary If you have not been vaccinated and you are experiencing any symptoms, please DO NOT attend the Pub Tournament.**

See you at the Pub Tournament

See you at the Pub Tournament

Pub Tournament 2022

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