Club History

Background & History

  • The Durbanville Squash Club was founded in 1972 by the Durbanville Round Table No 165, together with one hundred contributors, to be called Foundation Members.(Each member paid R150)
  • The Municipality granted a piece of land between the rugby, soccer & cricket fields; together with a loan of R24 000 (which carried 4% interest) and with certain conditions.
    At the first official founders meeting a proper constitution was accepted and Peter Martin was elected as first chairman.
  • It was furthermore resolved that the Foundation Members would have Life-long Membership,but may pass this on, once, to one child. Foundation Members would pay no annual subscriptions, but are liable for “lights fees”.
  • The late Ivor Davies (Davies Construction) built the first 2 crts –Oct 1972 (now 4 & 5)
  • As the club grew and membership increased a further two courts (now crts 2 & 3) were added during 1977 and the last court (now match court 1) was added during 1982.
  • All loans with interest were paid back to the council.
  • All further extensions, maintenance, water & electricity etc. came from the club’s own funds.
  • Further extensions such as a proper under-cover entrance and walkway, indoor braai facilities and the first recreational area were all funded by the club.
  • During 1985 the club obtained a full liquor license. (After the club was fined by R100 for “alleged shebeening”) The original small bar behind court 2 and the alterations as required at the time by the Liquor Board were completed.
  • Due to the fact that the Durbanville Athletic Club (Durbac) lost their clubhouse during 1993, the squash club “granted them restricted use of our facilities. This is not an amalgamation in any form,now or whenever & this facility to Durbac can be suspended by a majority vote from the squash club at any time”(extract: AGM 1993)
  • A few note-worthy extracts from the CONSTITUTION:
  • The Management of the Club shall be in the hands of a committee of 10 members, to be elected or re-elected annually.
  • No member shall be eligible to the Chair unless he/she served on the committee for at least two years.
  • The AGM shall be held within 60 days of the close of the Financial Year (31 Aug). Notice of such a meeting shall be displayed on the club’s notice board for at least 21 days prior to the meeting. The same notice shall be posted/faxed/e-mailed to the members.
  • Any member may attend the AGM but only fully paid-up members may vote.
  • A member who has not paid his/her Annual subscription fees on or before the 31 Oct. shall automatically forfeit membership.
  • Profits from the sale of liquor (Bar) shall not be used for the running of the club,but for maintenance or improving the club.
  • No profits of the club shall accrue to any individual.
  • The Committee shall hold regular meetings; six members shall be a quorum. Proper minutes shall be kept.Proper accounts of Finance shall be kept.


  • It is very interesting to note the major extensions over the years. This is over and above improvements and additions inside the building.

Squash Club’s Extension Mosaic

Club Chairman

  • Peter Martin (1972,73,74,79)
  • Mike O’Brien (1975)
  • Tinkie Heyns (1976,77,78,80,81)
  • Ivor Davies (1982,91,92,93)
  • Johan Bezuidenhout (1983,84,85)
  • Ben Smith (1986,87,88)
  • Terry Bramham (1989,90)
  • Claude Smit (1994,95,96)
  • John Goslin (1997,98,99)
  • Allen Hardy (2000,01,02)
  • Hawies de Villiers (2003,04,05)
  • Trevor Davies (2006 – 2008)
  • Gerdus Slabber (2009)
  • Ben Smith (2010 -

Honorary Life Members

This Honours Award was first made at the AGM of 1987. Only to be proposed by the ruling chairman or an ex-chairman. Must be ratified by at least two ex-chairmen or recipients of this award. “To be awarded to some-one who has done something special over a long period for the club and squash in general”.

  • 1987 – Tinkie Heyns
  • 1988 – Ivor Davies
  • 1993 – Ben Smith
  • 1998 – Claude Smit
  • 2000 – Janice James & Pam   Hopkins
  • 2002 – Chris Antonis
  • 2012 – Jacques le Roux (Snr)

“When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name – He writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game”.

League,Tournaments & Achievements.

  •  The first two sides  were entered in 1973 into the then WP league (WP Squash Rackets Association * 1949-1992) Results: The first side won the 4 th league; the second side came 8 th in 6 th league.
  • As the club grew, more league sides were entered into the system. At the same time various tournaments were staged. Some highlights are noted:
  • 1978 – 2 ladies & 6 men’s league sides
  • 1981 – WP Schools Colours U13½ - Trevor Davies,U15 – Steven Armstrong (+SA Schools), Tracy Jordan U19. WP Veterans Colours – Alan Parry, Brian Lefson, Ivor Davies.
  • 1982 – W P Veteran Colours – Bob Selman , Tinkie Heyns.
  • 1984- Club wins the “League Order of Merit”- Clive Corder, for the first time.
  • 1983 – 10 Men’s, 3 ladies(evening) & 3 ladies (morning) league sides.
  • 1985 – First Pub Tournament.(started by Ben Smith & Ivor Davies)

          A Fun Tournament aimed specifically at out of town clubs.
          “You must drink a beer before you play”.

  • 1986 – First DBV Open Championships (Sponsored by SA Nylon Spinners) This event was staged 4x until 1989.Shelly & Mandy Hopkins selected for WP Schools.
  • 1988 – First men’s 1 st league side.(Steve Armstrong, Darren Breed, Richard Bolton & Johan Bezuidenhout)Sponsored byTafelberg Furnishers.
  • 1997 – First ladies 1 st league side.Also won this league. First men side wins league for the first time. Club wins the Clive Corder (+ ’98,’99) Three yrs in a row – the first club ever to achieve this.
  • 1997 Club also wins “Best Club Administrator” award (John Goslin) + National Team Championships + Veterans league. 19 Trophies in total. 1997  will be remembered  as the best performance of the club ever to date.
  • 1998 – First “Fantasy Tournament”(Started by John& Chris Goslin) A Fun Tournament based on a handicap for club members only.
  • To date 49 members have been awarded WP Colours, i.e. WP, WP -Schools or WP - Masters.
  • Three members have been awarded  National  Colours – Karin Blom, +  Frikkie Bester & Lawrence Snyman – both Masters.
  • The club won both the Clive Corder (men) & Caroline Guthrie (ladies) in 1998, for the best club overall performance. The ladies has won this trophy a total of 7 times over the years and the men 5 times.This includes the winning of both trophies again in 2011.
  • The club launched  its own website during 2011, as well as a facility to book a court via the website. 
  • During 2011 a legal smoking lounge was added to our facilities

“Quitters never win & winners never quit. The greatest success is found when we achieve victory over ourselves”

Administrative Achievements

  • A number of individuals from the club served over the years with distinction on the Provincial Body (WP Squash):
    • Bob Selman
    • Johan Bezuidenhout
    • Delarey Lourens
    • Tinkie  Heyns
    • Ben Smith
    • John Goslin
    • Chris Goslin
    • Trevor Davies
  • Tinkie served on the Main Body and was chairman of WP Masters. Served as WP Honorary President . Is now Honorary Life Member of WP Masters.
  • Ben served on the Main Body + 4 yrs as Vice-President of WP Squash. Served as WP Honorary Vice-President. Received Durbanville Honorary Life Membership-1993,Received Squash SA Honors' Award-1994,Received WP Honors' Award-1998,Received  Honorary Life Membership WP Squash -2002. Retired as Board Member of WP Squash end of 2011.
  • John served on the main body as provincial league statistician. In 1997 he received the award for best club administrator.

Useless Interesting Facts

  • 1972 – Light Fees 20 c/ 30 min. Guests pay 50c/ 30 min.
  • 1974 – Club obtained own post box (255)
  • 1975 – Club received own telephone (96 5262)
  • 1977 – Club badge (Blazer pocket size:R5.85 each. Tracksuit: R10.00) Total income for year R6,212 Expenditure R3,483 Surplus R2,729
  • 1978 – Membership 240. 1980 – Membership 300.
  • 1981 – (April) First full-time manager – Ernie Clark.Annual subscription was raised to R40/ year.
  • 1986 – The full parking area “tarred”(bitumen)+ parking bays marked.
  • 1987 – Membership 308.
  • 2002 – (Oct) Club celebrated 30 th anniversary.
  • 2012 - (Oct) Club celebrated 40 th anniversary.
  • 2015 - Club celebrated its 30 th Pub Tournament.